About Me

 Welcome to my blog where I put my art stuff in.
I guess I have always been into art. My parents are both artist,
 they taught me how to live artistically.
I am very thankful each day to see God's artistic hand in my life.
I truly believe that every person is an artist! You just need to find it in you.
I worked as a decorative artist at  "Faux Heavens Sake" for several years.
In 2009 I closed the doors to my business and I am now a full time Homemaker/artist.

 As of November 2010,
I started a project here called: "Journaling"
This is something I have been doing for years, but now want to take it to the next level...Art Journaling.
I have given this project a year and I hope you will join me!
As for...how did I come up with the name of my studio,
my art room is at the corner of my house upstairs, and I love pink.
Have a look around, head over to the labels.