Project One: Finding your Journal Book

The whole purpose of this project is to try and use what you already have 
in your home. I found an old college book in my library. It has great pages for painting on.
The other book is a blank page spiral. It had a very ugly picture on it so
I glued a picture over it. Also,( I'll talk later about it) look for old books with pretty covers on them
at your resale shops or some of your old books you don't mind removing the cover.
Some books have beautiful scenes on them.The book on the right, I took a scene and cut it out.
I sandpapered it lightly and glued it with gel medium. I will be working on this until
it's where I want it.

The hard part of this is doodling over the pages of a've got to get past this.
I always make sure that it's a book that has had it's purpose and now can be born again...
colorful and most important...YOU!

This book will be a clean slate. Only your imagination will name it.

 I've been a big fan of Shona Cole.
I have taken so many ideas from her book and her artwork, I love her style because
even though she's a very structured person, she lets art happen...I love that.
It has caused me to say to myself, It's OK to doodle the way I do.
I will be posting our next step soon.
Until then...get your books ready, and start cutting out pretty pictures.
I have a list of supplies on my sidebar that will come in handy.

Happy Painting,


  1. What a neat project. I look forward to seeing the progression.

  2. i like the idea of using only what you have at home, so freeing to work that way. I have so many piles and piles of papers that could be made into a journal. I am not much of an art journaler... I do journal, but it is usually just text and my handwriting is horribly unartistic. I do like to collect notebooks though. I may make a few out of the stuff I have, just to add to my collection.... love this pretty space :)