oil painting

Isn't this beautiful!
My mother in-law painted this.
She says she's not finished and she started this back in the early eighties!!
I think it's lovely as is.

Passion Painting

I painted this when I got home from church Sunday, I saw this in my head while praying. I'm so thankful for what Jesus did for us...this truly is a passion week!
I used wood, acrylics and sandpaper.

Pink Corner Studio

I have finally painted my studio walls white...clean palette!
I have added a day bed for grand kids when they stay over.

The room is not large at all, my sewing is in a closet.
Works out nicely! I like cozy places.

As you can see...I like to express myself here in the studio!

I've placed my work table that I found at a thrift store for $ 10.00 in
the corner by the window...gives good light to work by.

and here it is, all messy!!

Pages from my Doodle Book


The first three are watercolors. I am trying to teach myself how. I need lessons!

This is pencil, colored pencils with markers.

Just pencil...  I'm learning perspective .

She turned out funny!! Look at those pointy shoes!!!

Calming Down

You must remember....
I've never had lessons in painting...I'm self taught.
I love painting clouds but I get carried away with painting them. Sometimes I would love just to back away with little clouds, this is so hard .
The waves, while I looked up how to paint waves on you tube.
I'm still not satisfied.
Painting to me is so calming, glad I came to my favorite room and painted a while and made a mess, makes me HAPPY!
I would love if all you artist folks out there would comment and give me some pointers.
Happy painting!!

painting and picnik

This is a painting I did months ago. It's really not finished, but I'm so hooked on using Picnik that I just had to take this unfinished painting and play with textures.
I have a lot to learn in painting portraits but for now...just having fun.
I painted this one night not knowing who it was, my son said" could it have been you when you were younger???"
I don't know, but this painting moves me. It tells a story. The eyes are eyes of wonder maybe uncertain, she is trying to tell a story.
I do like all the crusty stuff and textures going on.

free photoshop class!

Kim Klassen is having a free e-course on
If you are like me....I need it.
Thanks Kim.

This makes me HAPPY!

I was playing around on cardboard...painting these bubbles,
they made me so happy, I let them be framed.
I guess I will name them "Happy Blue Bubbles"

Work in Process???

I'm really not sure if I will ever finish this painting...it's a love/hate thing.

I saw this beautiful painting out of a Victoria Magazine and I wanted to paint it.

Until it's done...I'm linking up with...

Another Bag

So here it is, another crochet bag for my journal books.
I might just use it for a purse too.
Let me know if you see something else it needs... can't quiet make out
what else it needs!

Starting a new one...I will be painting soon.

I'm also linking up with The Clip Cafe
(so sorry The Clip Cafe...I could not figure out how to do your button.)

Easy Journal Cover Bag

Part of what my art is about is doing with what you have.
I always journal and I like taking my "stuff" with me, just in case.
Here's a skirt I found at a thrift shop for 50 cents. It's silk and it has three different fabrics.
It did not fit me so I'm making it into a pretty cover bag for all my journal things.

First...I cut it into.

Then I cut it to a size I thought would be good.

I then sewed all edges leaving the ruffle part open.

My stuff for bag.

All I did was put my stuff inside, found a pretty wire ribbon, use an old
silk flower for looks and that's it.
Now it's pretty and all my stuff is all together.
It's not too big so I can fit it inside my purse.

My purse.

I'm off to journal!!!
I hope you make one for your journal book.
Let me know if you do.
By the way....they make great Christmas gifts.

Project Two: Altered Papers

After I found the book I wanted to be my journal in project one, and
after I have prepared some pages with some gesso pages , and maybe some
doodling and writing out what I want the theme of the book to be, meaning,
The theme here is "The Old Victorian Prayer Journal".
I start looking for pictures and photos I can alter for the journal.
Below I found some old photos of a vacation at Ellis Island . The subject here :
old ships and  the ocean.  
I like them, but some of the pictures have "this century people" in them and that would take away
from my theme.

Here above are the photos .

This photo above is the one I wanted to alter.
Step 1. I took sandpaper and sanded out the parts I did not want to show.
Step 2. I painted some gesso over the entire picture and then wiped it off with
a paper towel. This gives it a foggy look.
Step 3. Using distress ink in vintage photo, I stamped my script stamp, and decorative corner
That's it!
I will use this in a page by gluing it in. I will leave room to write around it.

I found some pretty theme pictures from a catalog I had.
It too had parts on it I wanted out, like the prices.
The paper was very thin so instead of sandpaper, I used
Nevr-dull, wadding polish. You can get this at Walmart in the auto section.

All you need to do is rub the areas you want off with the nerv-dull and the ink comes off.
There was writing on the other side, and it bleed through, but that's good, it will look
layered after I'm finished.
This piece above is from a book cover, I tore it into the shape I wanted and lightly
sand the whole picture to bring it to a dull finish.
I then repeated the steps 1., 2., and 3. I mentioned earlier.

Here's a picture I copied on my printer.
This one I did my 3 steps but added some colors.

As you can see, you can go crazy with ideas for your journal.
Next post...
Project Three
"More Crazy Ideas"

Project One: Finding your Journal Book

The whole purpose of this project is to try and use what you already have 
in your home. I found an old college book in my library. It has great pages for painting on.
The other book is a blank page spiral. It had a very ugly picture on it so
I glued a picture over it. Also,( I'll talk later about it) look for old books with pretty covers on them
at your resale shops or some of your old books you don't mind removing the cover.
Some books have beautiful scenes on them.The book on the right, I took a scene and cut it out.
I sandpapered it lightly and glued it with gel medium. I will be working on this until
it's where I want it.

The hard part of this is doodling over the pages of a book....you've got to get past this.
I always make sure that it's a book that has had it's purpose and now can be born again...
colorful and most important...YOU!

This book will be a clean slate. Only your imagination will name it.

 I've been a big fan of Shona Cole.
I have taken so many ideas from her book and her artwork, I love her style because
even though she's a very structured person, she lets art happen...I love that.
It has caused me to say to myself, It's OK to doodle the way I do.
I will be posting our next step soon.
Until then...get your books ready, and start cutting out pretty pictures.
I have a list of supplies on my sidebar that will come in handy.

Happy Painting,