Easy Journal Cover Bag

Part of what my art is about is doing with what you have.
I always journal and I like taking my "stuff" with me, just in case.
Here's a skirt I found at a thrift shop for 50 cents. It's silk and it has three different fabrics.
It did not fit me so I'm making it into a pretty cover bag for all my journal things.

First...I cut it into.

Then I cut it to a size I thought would be good.

I then sewed all edges leaving the ruffle part open.

My stuff for bag.

All I did was put my stuff inside, found a pretty wire ribbon, use an old
silk flower for looks and that's it.
Now it's pretty and all my stuff is all together.
It's not too big so I can fit it inside my purse.

My purse.

I'm off to journal!!!
I hope you make one for your journal book.
Let me know if you do.
By the way....they make great Christmas gifts.


  1. I love you standing at the door saying you "are off to Jouranl". I LOVE my local thrift store TOO much. One of the guys there says high to me every time I'm there. Or if I come twice in one day (which I am know to do) he will say "Oh you are back" I get a giggle out of it.
    Have a great weekend
    That journal bag is cute also

  2. That's a fabulous idea Rayanne. I made a jean purse using the same general idea. But silk..that's an even better one!

    Love it!