Another Bag

So here it is, another crochet bag for my journal books.
I might just use it for a purse too.
Let me know if you see something else it needs... can't quiet make out
what else it needs!

Starting a new one...I will be painting soon.

I'm also linking up with The Clip Cafe
(so sorry The Clip Cafe...I could not figure out how to do your button.)


  1. Yay! Thanks for linking up :-) Love what you have done and the painting sounds great too :-)

  2. Ps for the button you just click on the image (when post is in draft) and click on link - some times i have to do this twice as the first time it unlinks for some reason anyway it should come up with a new window and you put the url in there (it's just like when you put links on words) hope that helped :-)

  3. Rayanne..Love your crochet project. So pretty! Thanks for your sweet comment. Just home from a birthday date with hubby. Working on big giveaway post tonight with OWOH.

    Thanks for thinking of me. :o)