Calming Down

You must remember....
I've never had lessons in painting...I'm self taught.
I love painting clouds but I get carried away with painting them. Sometimes I would love just to back away with little clouds, this is so hard .
The waves, while I looked up how to paint waves on you tube.
I'm still not satisfied.
Painting to me is so calming, glad I came to my favorite room and painted a while and made a mess, makes me HAPPY!
I would love if all you artist folks out there would comment and give me some pointers.
Happy painting!!


  1. Pointers? I wouldn't dare. It has such a restless, calm before the storm beauty about it. I wouldn't change it. But if you're not happy, I'll tell you what the artist that I studied painting with told me - if you're not happy, put it away, don't look at it for a while so that you can see it with fresh eyes. And in the mean time, work on something else.

  2. I never took classes either, but my stuff doesn't look anything like yours! It's beautiful just the way it is!

  3. Rayanne, I agree with both Constance and Jodi above! It's beautiful just as it is. You don't need "pointers", just another canvas and some painting! :)