Pink Corner Studio

I have finally painted my studio walls white...clean palette!
I have added a day bed for grand kids when they stay over.

The room is not large at all, my sewing is in a closet.
Works out nicely! I like cozy places.

As you can see...I like to express myself here in the studio!

I've placed my work table that I found at a thrift store for $ 10.00 in
the corner by the good light to work by.

and here it is, all messy!!


  1. I love it Rayanne!
    It is beautiful...and its white!
    That little desk is lovely and so perfect by the window where all the light streams in.
    Cozy sewing space too! I too, love cozy spots.
    Love to you sweetheart xo

    Deborah xoxoxoxo

  2. I'm a new follower on this one, too, Rayanne! So pretty!

  3. Hey Rayanne, Just letting you know I'm following this blog too. Isn't it great have a place to go and work. Love your space.

  4. How lovely!!! I'm another new follower...I think you'll have many:)

  5. What a pretty little space you have created!! I am currently working on my creative space which will be mostly in a big closet as the room still needs to be used as a guest room. It has been great fun working on it though it is takin forever!

  6. An adorable room, Rayanne, from that cute table in the perfect light, to the cozy quilt-covered daybed! A place I'd like to hang out in, too!!! [ And yes, I will get all my art supplies stashed in my Art Barn as soon as it's warm enough...]
    Have a Blessed Holy week.

  7. I love your studio. I think I have a very similar quilt.
    Have a great day!!!