painting and picnik

This is a painting I did months ago. It's really not finished, but I'm so hooked on using Picnik that I just had to take this unfinished painting and play with textures.
I have a lot to learn in painting portraits but for now...just having fun.
I painted this one night not knowing who it was, my son said" could it have been you when you were younger???"
I don't know, but this painting moves me. It tells a story. The eyes are eyes of wonder maybe uncertain, she is trying to tell a story.
I do like all the crusty stuff and textures going on.


  1. I'm smitten! Truly. It makes you want to say to her, "Don't worry, everything will be okay."

  2. This is truly lovely - quite a faraway look!

  3. Your son also said that it might me Ella!!! Maybe what she looks like now in Heaven